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Do you need an estate plan?

When you're ready to plan for your estate, you're making the decision to protect your family's future.  Before you come in, you can begin by asking yourself some questions.

  • Do you have minor children? Ensure for their future by putting your estate plans on paper instead of leaving it up to the court.
  • Do you have assets? Make sure your checking accounts, cars, furniture, and more, are put into the right hands.
  • Do you want to preserve family harmony? If you plan ahead, family doesn't have to guess and argue about what to do with your assets.
  • Have there been recent changes in your life? If so, you may have to update your estate plan.

Get the probate help you need

Probate is a court procedure where the validity of a will is proved or disproved. It involves all estate administration proceedings. When a person dies, all property, other than property passing directly to others (such as property held in joint tenancy, life insurance proceeds and retirement plans payable to a named beneficiary), may be subject to a probate proceeding.

Protect your family's property from being lost or destroyed. Attending to the details of a probate proceeding is complex, but with help from a qualified attorney like Kari Wilson is necessary.  Handle all the details of your probate smoothly and let us relieve your burden.

The use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. Although I hope the information contained on this website will be helpful, it should not be a substitute for legal advice from an attorney that has reviewed the intricacy of your case.

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